POR FESR 2014-2020. Axis 3 Action 3.1.1. “Aid for investments in machinery, assets and intangible assets, and accompaniment of corporate reorganization and restructuring processes”. Sub-action B) “Manufacturing Sector”.


 Thanks to the Veneto Region funding  TRE-DI has purchased a new BIGLIA CNC LATHE mod. B 465 T2 Y2 and a MES software system dedicated to the integration and interconnection of company machinery to start the 4.0 Industry management.

Purpose: improve and increase the level of digital evolution.

Results: production flexibility and efficiency, speed from the prototyping phase to series production with reduction of set up times and acceleration of go-to-market times, improved production speed (10-15%) and greater product precision finished with consequent reduction of production waste, reduction of energy consumption and use of raw materials.