We turn your project

satisfying our customers’ requests. For this reason, Tre-Di is oriented to a continuous growth, always looking for new technological solutions to meet your needs.

In a continuously growing market, where the demands are more and more diversified, flexibility and the ability to train and update continuously are essential features to be competitive. This context has led our company to equip itself with an organizational structure capable of coordinating all the production and management processes in order to fully meet the expectations of our customers.

In order to maintain our standards, we have integrated our organizational system with the INDUSTRY 4.0 project by creating a computerized communication network between all production elements, which allows us to maximize our efficiency, minimize waste and provide continuous training to all our staff.

Aware of the environmental impact of industrial production, we have installed a photovoltaic system to produce our own electricity with a nominal power of 160kw.

Thanks to our ability to respect development and production schedules, without ever betraying the quality of the product, Tre-Di is a reliable partner for the supply of turned parts.