We turn your project

Our production activity boasts a high degree of flexibility and operates transversally in different sectors, this makes Tre-Di the suitable reality to satisfy the most diversified requests.

We are specialized in the production of high precision turned parts in different materials.

  • Stainless steel (A316, A304, A303, A430)
  • Ferrous alloys (16CrNi, 39NcD4)
  • Automatic steel (9SMnPb30, 36SMnPb14)
  • Aluminum (ALL 2011, 2030, 6026, 6082, 6075)
  • Brass (CW 614, 617, ecobrass)
  • Plastics (PVC, PP, DELRYN, TEFLON)

Tre-Di can supply the parts either raw or complete with galvanic and/or hardening treatment thanks to the collaboration of highly qualified partners.

All this is possible thanks to the total expansion of 8.000 sq. of which 3.000 sq. indoor.

The entire production phases are several monitored during all process by systematically measuring of the critical dimensions of the parts therefor we make sure that the required quality standards are always met.

Our attention focuses not only to the production line but also to all the instruments present in our production chain, from those on board the machine to the equipment of our quality control laboratory.

For a further guarantee, an external ACCREDIA certified partner periodically checks our instruments.