Following the urgent measures on the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-2019 issued by the Italian Ministry of Health with the ordinance in the Official Gazette no. 44 on 22 February 2020 and implemented by the Veneto Region on 23 February 2020, we are confirming that our company, with all its employees, is adhering to the guidelines contained therein, ensuring the daily disinfection of the work premises and providing all meeting places such as bathrooms, dining room, coffee room and meeting room for hand sanitizers.
We have verified that all our business partners have adopted the same measures and that all activities are fully operational and in particular our Couriers and Freight Forwarders, ensure that at the moment and until the end of the ordinance, there are no limitation to deliver even outside the Italian border, to and from our company.
The extraordinary ordinance will end on Sunday 01 March 2020 at 24:00 and in the absence of further extensions, we ensure that everything will proceed as always and without any restrictions, otherwise we will take care to inform you all immediately.